Writing and publishing e-books on itunes

Remember, cover is what readers see first as the book opens, so a nice custom cover image is always good to have to make your book stand out. Gone are the days where you need to have an agent and a connection to a major publishing house to create, distribute and market your book.

Using an Apple aggregator Apple aggregators are experts in delivering content to the iBooks Store.

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Instead, you can publish your very own business ebook and sell your eBooks online. Apple has selected PublishDrive as an approved aggregator. You can now upload all your files and supply all of the necessary information about your book.

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This post on BubbleCow discusses some really important elements of self-editing. Preview epub format in Adobe Digital Editions. Kindle prices must end in 0. Again, this used a Word document and the. PayLoadz allows you to upload your file, set your own price, and add the button or link for your product to your website or other online accounts.

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Smashwords does not currently distribute to Kindle, so you'll need to open an account, upload your file, and produce your own eBook for Kindle.

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How to Create an iBook: 10 Steps (with Pictures)