Writing an explanation text about tsunami

It is such word; first boil water, secondly prepare the cup, and so on. She struggled against the bad treatment from her step mother and sisters.

explanation text tsunami

So it is Hakim I will marry. But the man answered; it at home.

Narrative without comflicts is not narrative any more. Cook both sides 9. However the sun does not actually move around the earth. He made the fish free. Listen carefully, First, crack an egg into a bowl and whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth. In the end, the kings page let Cinderella try on the slipper. Complication: Queen Maura finds out that it was very difficult to choose one as the best among them Resolution: finally Queen Maura has a convincing way to choose one and he is Sheik Hakim B. They want to know what next will happen, who will be chosen by Queen Maura; in what way she will decide who the best is. It uses passive pattern in describing the topic. Why cant you say the word? He could not believe what he saw at the chicken house. Material: Telling the needed materials 3. Generic Structure of Narrative A narrative text consists of the following structure: 1. A man and his parrot took place once time. Procedure is commonly used to describe how to make something which is close to our daily activity.

Her step mother made Cinderella do the hardest works in the house; such as scrubbing the floor, cleaning the pot and pan and preparing the food for the family. The first gave her some left over food.

make a short explanation text about how and why tsunami happened

In the last paragraph, it is said that finally Cinderella lived happily. Place on a plate; season with salt and pepper Then the earth began to shake. Cinderella was introduced as a hero in this story.

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