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John s promotion is a result of his brilliant management skills and company loyalty. Lists the reading and the answer key: alk details and clarify Effective academic aim of academic references, and prepared notes About the doc, ppt, pps Sheets Native Americans left a permanent mark on the English language. Then Paragraph 2 2. Other students said that last year they had spent several hours a day commuting to and from school. Finally, it may surprise some people to learn that citizens of the United States are also indebted to the native people for our form of government.

Practice 8: Essay Outlining pages 76 77 Responses will vary. Original passage 3 A. And ann hogue. Affects is a verb. After independence, thirteen colonies needed similar system a.

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A final similarity is that both Japanese and people in the United States have always emphasized the importance of work, and both are paying penalties for their commitment to it. Topic: red-light running. Paragraph 4: In addition to the problems of towing and melting, Paragraph B gives suggestions. X decided to throw a big party at the plant. Body Paragraph 3: In addition to language and art, agriculture is another area in which Native Americans had a great and lasting influence on the peoples who arrived here from Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is an expensive luxury to own an automobile in a large city. Verbs to be underlined: Sentence 6: had prescribed, were, might win, couldn t continue; Sentence feel. We don t know whether the psychologist is correct. Therefore is a transition word. He asserted that has been added. Cross out: Meals in the United States are usually more informal than meals in other countries, and the times of meals may be different. Names of places cities, towns, rivers, and states a. In this sentence, it is followed by a verb because it connects two verb phrases: is denser and will sink. Increased vegetation helps a lot of species.

X decided to throw a big party at the plant. Spectacular beaches make Puerto Rico a tourist paradise.

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Because of is followed by a noun phrase. Results is the verb in this sentence.

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Writing Academic English (Fourth Edition)