Writing a self assessment for administrative assistant

Work strategically with any feedback you receive.

career goals for administrative assistant

Do you encourage those under you to perform professionally at all times? Self-assessments are an opportunity to ensure that the boss is brought up to speed on your activities.

Writing a self assessment for administrative assistant

Administrative Assistant Performance Goals Examples June 7, by Patricia Lotich Someone recently asked me to provide some examples of administrative assistant performance goals. It's too easy to focus on a particular experience or event and then create an overarching story around performance. It was well received and bolstered my confidence regarding public speaking. Supports on-going professional development of professional and student staff. This might include events that you organized, and problems you addressed. Oversees the development of content and design. Performs complex studies and investigations in the development of policies, processes, and programs, including but not limited to, benchmarking studies, analysis on institutional data, developing needs analysis, and interpreting reports. A good self-assessment should point to specific tasks and projects that highlight your best work. Orients, motivates, trains, and supervises employees. This responsibility helps employees understand how what they do on a day-to-day basis affects the ability of the organization to achieve corporate objectives. Analyzes feedback from employees that participate in programs.

Responds to all inquiries and correspondence for the Director. Provides appropriate direction and supervision of staff members who assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs.

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Scan your emails and inbox folders for categories of things you were involved in. How self-assessments benefit you Self-assessments can be used to develop a case for a promotion or raise.

list of performance goals for executive assistant

You observe and be observed.

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