Writing a panel discussion flyer

Instead, you could have panelists sit on stools or normal chairs. You can do this by clicking on the text tool panel. Time To Make Your Own!

writing a panel discussion flyer

Was this article helpful? During the panel, set the stage in a way that encourages interaction between the audience and the panelists. Event Promotion Event flyers are one of the most traditional ways to attract people to your event.

Panel discussion flyer template

You may even want to consider getting them a small gift as a token of thanks. Make the most important information event name, time and date, price, and call to action more prominent than everything else. After the panel, have your panelists stay around for a few minutes to speak with any audience members who would like to speak with them one-on-one. What do you want the reader to do next? One of our favorites is Canva. This person should have a good understanding of harassment and should be able to guide the conversation. In this case, we are going to select something car related. You should also allow time at the end of the panel for the panelists to take questions from the audience. Have at least two other people unfamiliar with your event proofread everything to ensure there are no typos. The free version lets you pick from a variety of pre-sized templates or choose to create a custom size. So there we have it! Choose the size of your panel. Remember to email and call the panelists the day before the event to reconfirm and see if they have any last-minute questions.

Before you hire someone, you can review their portfolio of work, interview them, and even ask them to complete a basic assignment to see their skills in action.

You should also allow time at the end of the panel for the panelists to take questions from the audience.

panel discussion introduction speech

For a rich discussion, include individuals who represent diverse backgrounds including race, sexuality, and ability and can offer diverse opinions about the issue being discussed ex.

It is not the best idea to have a panelist take on the moderator role. If you need to use microphones or overhead projectors, be sure that they work.

example of panel discussion script

Have their seats arranged in a circular shape to encourage interaction between the panelists themselves. The average length of a panel discussion is one hour. Communicate with the panelists once they confirm that they can attend.

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3 Popular Panel Discussion Formats