Write an inequality for the range of values of x undefined

Similarly, this characteristic is also happening as the graph moves to the left without bound.

Undefined function graph

So whichever version you find to be easier. Well, we just have to remember our properties of multiplying and dividing negative numbers. And actually, let's mix it up a little bit and you could apply the same logic. The numerator and the denominator are both greater than 0, or they're both less than 0. To find the range, I will heavily depend on the graph itself. So or-- a is less than 0 and b is less than 0. It will become the domain itself. Now let's do the situation where both of these are negative.

This statement we figured out means that x has to be greater than 1 and this statement tells us that x has to be greater than minus 2.

If this were a polynomial inequality, I could just throw all the interval endpoints into the solution, and I'd be done.

The Division Properties of Inequality work the same way. Minus 4 divided by minus 1 is positive 4.

Examples of undefined functions

These cancel out. And then we can multiply both sides of this equation times x plus 2. In this case, we have less than zero, so we want all of the negative sections. The right-hand side must be zero. We get that x minus 1 is less than 0. Next, I will factor out the numerator and the denominator. That's the same thing-- if we add 1 to both sides of that-- as saying that x is less than 1. Let's say x was 2. Or anything less than minus 2. So this greater than sign will become a less than sign because we're assuming that the x plus 2 is negative. My next step is to find the zeros of both numerator and denominator. Step 3: Make a sign analysis chart. So whichever version you find to be easier. What relationship would she expect to see between the two stocks at the end of Tuesday?

Step 5: Use the sign analysis chart to determine which sections satisfy the inequality. The first way is, I think, on some level, the simpler way. Minus 3 plus 2 is equal to minus 1. And so that definitely won't be a situation that we want to deal with it.

Where x plus 2 is less than 0.

how to know if a function is undefined

In factored form, I got Next, determine the zeros of the rational inequality by setting each factor equal to zero then solving for x.

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For what range of values of x will the inequality : Problem Solving (PS)