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In all, there are seven women members in these four committees out of their total strength of members, thus constituting approximately six per cent. This took shape in the 73rd and 74th Constitution Amendment Acts regarding membership and Chairpersonships in Panchayats and Municipalities. This does not compare favourably with global trends. Moreover, it does not really require an outside involvement, but it does require the inputs from all sections of the State. The office posts comments that supports a constructive dialogue on policy options for advancing human development and are formulated respectful of other, potentially differing views. Our approach to the whole affair should be careful and cautious as well as encouraging. Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, there have been individual women that achieved great feats for their nations. If the rate of female school dropout is checked and more females are encouraged to be educated, teenage marriages would be reduced, the national population planning goals with all it attendant benefits would be easier to achieve, and the opportunities for economic empowerment would be further expounded. Stearns and Kristen Cordell.

To address this situation, in many communities women are also mobilizing and forming cooperatives for farming and other enterprises as a means of providing for them and their wards through their work. Build up reliance on civil society: This requires long-term resources and support for indigenous community-level programmes that encourage local leaders to accept both traditional and non-traditional roles for women.

womens role in development

This is perhaps the largest ever representation of women in elected bodies anywhere in the world. Stearns and Kristen Cordell. However, for most of the time they have been excluded from most political or nation building activities.

Women are half the population worldwide; therefore, it would be foolish to ingore them while planning for the national development and progress. There I lived the rule by man, and all its diabolical manifestations.

In addition to this, the education given to them is meant to make them function better in their traditional roles and not for community service or for nation building. The women of our country were drawn out not only to participate in large number but also to play an important role in the non-violent struggle against the colonial rule.

It is gradual and not drastic or a sudden occurrence. They are also working in different garment and hand woven fabrics industries.

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The Role of Women in Nation Building Essay Example