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India government is supporting coconut based industries. Definitely, this is a low-medium capital business and can be started with one or two helps. A business plan for your virgin coconut oil factory will serve as an initial guide to help you know what factors should be prioritized over others.

In other words, be proactive rather than reactive. This method has 4 steps: Break open the coconut.

how to start a coconut oil mill in kerala

To start off, you have to do some ground work: Find a Coconut Supplier: You will need tonnes of coconut for this venture. Virgin coconut oil is one of the hottest products on the market today, domestically and globally. To optimize your marketing strategy, build a website for your business. The demand for your VCO products may grow exponentially, especially if they are of utmost quality and you have an effective marketing strategy in place.

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The good cholesterol that it contain and the benefits of consuming it daily has classified it as a power food by the western world. Finally, give back to your community. Machines are effective and efficient, but human resources are still the greatest asset you can have in your virgin coconut oil manufacturing business.

Coconut oil manufacturing project report pdf

In starting a virgin coconut oil manufacturing business, it is best to hire experts, such as a business consultant, marketing consultant, financial consultant, lawyer, and someone who has expertise and years of experiences in the virgin coconut oil manufacturing industry to ensure that your plan will be SMART, that is, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and trackable. India government is supporting coconut based industries. It may be an extra cost for you, but it will help you and your team focus on other more important aspects of your business, such as production, sales, and quality control. Hence unlike other oils, coconut oil consumption is good for your heart. Before taking this step, make sure that you are actually ready and prepared to finally venture into the open waters. Aside from contributing to this growing industry, they are also providing a healthier and safer choice for their customers. If you are planning for big scale that has exporting capacity, you will need to look for the machineries and set up a factory. Along with the oil, there comes a lot of waste. On Heart: Oil is never a good friend of heart. Train your workers. Join associations. Covers the job opportunities, how to approach them, implementing, being successful and scaling up. From getting business licenses or permits to paying and filing your tax returns, you will consume considerable time and efforts if you do it yourself or delegate it to one of your employees. In connection to the previous section, your virgin coconut oil production plant should be geographically strategic in terms of access to raw materials and distribution channels. You know what, Lauric acid is also present in mother's milk and is the key nutrient building immunity for babies.
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How to start a Virgin Coconut Oil Business?