Types of sentences writing activity for preschool

These fun literacy activities for preschoolers will help kids develop the skills to read and write on their own.

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They can cut pictures from the magazine and paste them on paper strips to make coupons. Beginning writers can also use the unlined prompt pages but in addition to the detailed picture they can add labels to the objects in their picture or write a phonetically spelled sentence to go along with the picture. The flower is beautiful! Glue pictures of children. For some kids it is easiest to provide one page at a time and then compile into a journal after pages are completed. Invite some volunteers to write their sentence and the type of sentence it is on the board. The pages are then put together into a booklet. Then model drawing a detailed picture to go along with the prompt on chart paper or dry erase board. Objectives 1. Have the children help decorate the letters with crayons or markers. A few children at a time are given a shoebox, plastic tub or other container. Writing Names and Casting Votes Use graphing where numbers are tallied as each child writes their name and casts their vote on a whiteboard or blackboard. Also…keep individual puzzle pieces in a baggie with puzzle title. Laminate the flash cards, or cover them in plastic.

Ask the rest of the class to ensure that each of the sentences on the board are labeled correctly, and have students fix sentences with incorrect labels. Please add an extra one for each kind if you have more students in your class.

Examples include: I love my dog.

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This can help develop confidence in their writing abilities and lead them to want to write more on their own. The pages are then put together into a booklet.

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Have children put puzzles back together on a magnetic board or refrigerator. The child can draw it in the snow for the rest of the group to guess.

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Writing Sentences Worksheets & Free Printables