Thesis statement on dependence on computers

Second, computers make people so lazy and not think anything. This is definitely a bad thing, especially for the younger generations.

People additionally encounter weight increase, migraines, among other symptoms. In conclusion, I agree with you that computers bring many advantages for us, but it also affects to the life of us. They make simple tasks much easier and allow us to strive to our full potential.

Also depends on the user if he would be dependent or not on the computers. You used to be able to find all the information that you need in a local newspaper but now the only way to get unbiased professional information is your computer.

Moreover, computer has changed the sleeping time of those who are addicted to it. With the population growing at such a rapid rate researchers are experimenting with new ways to supply mass amounts of food.

Computers give us a quick fix. For example, if a kid has a personal computer and another kid has to go to the library the kid with the personal computer has much easier access to necessary information.

are humans dependent on computers debate

Sometimes the result could be an accident and the reason is those parents who neglect their children to waste their time using computer and internet. Our society now relies on computers to do most of our tasks for us.

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Are you too dependent on computers? [Argumentative essay outline + work]