The prospect of life insurance industry

I used to be afraid of calling the pizza man. Scope of investment: Insurance companies can usually make more profit from investment activities than from their regular insurance business.

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As a result most of the insurance companies are suffering from loss years after years and for poor financial condition the insurance companies are also unable to expand their branch which is a barrier for the growth of insurance business in Bangladesh. You can make great renewal income. Generally, the difference is the more technical, involved, and lucrative the deal is, the more visits that you have to do to seal the deal and work out any of the details involved.

It is necessary to provide specific guidelines and support services to all micro insurance operators both formal and informal 3. There are a lot of considerations to make, and the goal of this particular section is to go into the pros and the cons of each product so you can have a better understanding of what directions you could go in as a new agent.

The first payment is made as soon as the contract is finalized.

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Therefore they are quite unable to give the amount to the insurer which is called as premium and regarded as safety or precautionary measures against any accident.

It may kindly be noted that H.

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So if we develop economic condition as well as overcome the problems, it will help a lot to flourish this business in our country.

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Perception, Prospects & Problems of Insurance Industry: A Case Study …