The point of view in porphyrias

Both of these poems are what are known as a dramatic monologue as well as being written in the first person. The duke and the lover disregard the women's feelings and physical well being in favor of their own selfish love.

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In both stories, the lover's perceive the women as objects, instead of actual people. Romeo and Juliet is about two lovers - who adore each other so much, similarily Porphyria's lover is about a man who loves Porphria so much, which leads on to him killing her.

Madness in porphyrias lover

Unfortunately for Robert Browning, though, most of his poetry was ignored during his life — his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning , was much more successful commercially. Browning wrote a range of monologues when living in Italy with his wife, Elizabeth Barret. When Porphyria arrives at the speaker's cottage, she is dripping wet. He was born in and married the privately educated poet, Elizabeth Browning, in Creepy right? These turbulent words help give the poem a gloomy feeling. Throughout the poem the imagery and symbolism along with theme and setting suggest an overextended darkness. Everybody wants to get their point of view heard. So "psychotic" might be a better way of describing the speaker of "Porphyria's Lover. Does that mean that he gets away with it?

He lives in a cottage, somewhat distant from the main house. It is evident that this man has a sadistic personality, accompanied by a twisted sense of perception that is fueled by a gnawing insecurity within his own personality.

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It is apparent that the speaker works for Porphyria's family. Robert Browning gave this to them through his poems. Dramatic monologue can also be known as a persona poem.

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The Point Of View In "Porphyria's Lover" By Robert Browning