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Trees are natural air purifiers.

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In more recent times, there has been an outcry over the destruction of the much larger Amazon forest. Although these forests appear to be flourishing, the soils beneath are very poor. In this procedure, wild animals, valuable plant, and unusual birds get devastated. Causes of Deforestation: It has been discovered that the major and primary deforestation cause is agriculture. Effect of Deforestation on the Environment: Deforestation means fewer trees and more land. Is that what we really want? We have also had cases of deforestation used in times of war to starve the enemy. What then should be recommended as solutions to these problems? Deforestation has become a huge problem, and the Amazonia is probably the forest which is the most in danger since So, you need to understand as to how you can come up with ways to excite people about planting more trees and doing their bit for the sake of the environment.

With the ever-growing population and urbanisation, there has been more than ever need to cut trees and make space. It is actually the arrangement of implanting plants for food and food growth. In fact, approximately sixteen million hectares of forest disappear each year.

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Effect of Deforestation on the Environment: Deforestation means fewer trees and more land. This is because trees are cut down because there is a pressing need to do so. The need to build road and rail network in order to increase connectivity to the mines has led to cutting down of trees.

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Essay on Deforestation: Causes and Effects — Essay 7 Words Introduction: Deforestation is also known as clearing or clearance of trees. Rising human population needs more area for residential purpose.

Thus, to prevent deforestation we must try to reduce that need by making smarter choices in paper usage, city planning, migration, etc.

In such cases forestation should also be made as a follow-up process.

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Recently, population has greatly risen in the world and people require shelter as a basic need. Forests are cut down for many reasons. Through awareness, people can also be taught on ways of reducing the population e. A few of the areas where it negatively affects our environment are discussed below: i. This, however, has a damning effect on our environment. Moreover, we must mark adequate land for our farming needs. India is a country which is dependent on monsoon rains for agriculture. When trees are removed with properly replacing them, there can as a result be aridity, loss of biodiversity and even habitat damage. Your comments and suggestions will serve as an inspiration and learning platform for me. There are many causes of the deforestation.

With more and more technological breakthroughs, there have been many positive ecological impacts, but the negative impacts are almost overwhelming.

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