The destruction of mother earth

The water in these rivers was so pure that one could see the fishes swimming in it. This is the world we live in.

what will happen if we destroy nature

Hunting has been a passion for some while a necessity for others. Has the Mother taken all that she can? I have been wondering about the implications of seeing the Planet as having a direct, spiritual and psychological relationship with every single one of us. We must make adjustments to the cries of Mother Earth.

Can you hear that your mother is dying? Several plans have been developed to stop the abuse of the earth. White birds turned black from soot. We can go closer to a vegan diet as recommended by a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences to reduce our impact on climate change and global pollution, and nourish not only our health but our compassion.

Some of these wastes are non-degradable and affects the marine biodiversity.

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Agony of Mother Earth (I) The Unstoppable Destruction of Forests