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If one or two people go away for the holidays, getting these days off can be impossible, forcing people to spend Christmas day away from their families serving the public.

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The root of the issues, Marco said, was a lack of connection between workers and customers. Even bad employees quickly become familiar with the rules that define the employee experience and recognize when anybody deviates from the system. Every single detail matters.

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Published on: May 23, More from Inc. What do YOU think it looks like?

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While the nail polish rule sort of makes sense, the perfume rule is a little bit confusing as Starbucks stores have a very unique scent comprised of very dark roast coffee, pungent syrup, and the weird sanitizing liquid used to clean everything. Employees are given an assignment or position, briefed, and made to stay there during most of their shift. As a result, Starbucks workers haven't yet received a raise in , and some employees feel salaries are still too low. Third, it worked hard on creating an ambience which make their targeted affluent, white collar customers to ritualistically linger and accept it as Third Place. Also, it associated intangible benefits with coffee drinking and created an inviting environment to have coffee. However, the letter also gets at a point that Johnson has avoided discussing -- the idea that Starbucks is falling short in providing these connections. What - was so compelling about the Starbucks value proposition? Some baristas wear timers on their aprons that let them know when to move around. Starbucks baristas told Business Insider they felt Starbucks was right about one thing: that the coffee chain needs to make some changes. Employees at some busy locations are forced to deal with bottlenecks when a huge rush of mobile orders arrive at the same time, something that Engskov and other Starbucks executives have said they're working to address.

Using these words that only partners understand creates a sense of solidarity and bonding, a subtle psychological tool the company uses for this exact purpose. It was about the success of Starbucks following the recession.

He describes North Star as a two-part solution.

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While studies show that smiling actually does little to increase store profits, Starbucks firmly believe that enforced smiling is directly tied to sales.

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Insanely Strict Rules Starbucks Baristas Have To Follow