Repositioning of candia milk

They must, therefore, be appropriately trained, well-motivated and have the right attitude. This is what we tried to work on and suggest the solutions in detail in the pages that follow.

marketing plan for dairy milk

CDL has distributors all over Pakistan. We are improving product through 1. Finally we bestow our thanks to CDL Foods limitedand all the people who has directly or indirectly supported us with their assistance and guidance to composethisreportandaccomplishbroadervisiontovisualizethingsin marketing concepts.

candia milk origin

The colour is not purely white and therefore people suspect that it is not pure and fresh. Nutritional value - Added enriched vitamins and Zinc [fatty acids] with ironfor supplementing healthy growth.

Although it is a USP packaging but if once it is exposed to sunlight the milk gets discolored. The company follows the philosophy of "delighting the customers" by providing them quality products at the right price on their door step.

We will diversify our strategies according to the situation with innovation will be the key for success and the most important tool to penetrate the market. The top management and employees at CDL is committed in their worksandtheyknowtheimportanceofcoordinationandinteractionofdifferent departmentsinordertoachievebetterresults. CDL has distributors all over Pakistan. In the first part of the paper there is a focus on describing the Information related to CDL which later become Habib Foods while the second part of the paper deals with the rebranding process of Candia Milk. We are using conventional distribution strategy having 8distributors in Karachi. In , CDL introduced Haleeb Cream which was not only launched directly for consumer market but also supplied to many ice cream factories where it was use a core ingredient. These innovations are necessary in building the image of brand in to the minds of consumes. The products are as follows 1. The color of milk.
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