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I liked how the students said nice things to one another it showed me that they respect one another. The essential aspect is to accept, love one another for who they are, and stop judging, discriminating each other because this does not help, rather destroys humanity. I have never wanted such a thing to happen to me. It is still emerging, through my readings, observations and class discussions. I think it is very important for each teacher to understand the multifaceted backgrounds our students come from. However, society is still male dominated and this perception naturally extends itself to the workplace. It has also been documented that there are specific areas of interaction that must occur in a multicultural classroom. Our country, jobs, and schools have a variety of cultures, races, and ethnic practices and groups. I will try to make sure that each one of my students are treated just like everyone else. I observed in the 2nd grade classroom how students were not partners with their same race, but with students that were all a different race.

Students appreciate and can relate well with instructors that are genuinely excited about what they are teaching. Transcript Related Papers. I had a great opportunity to share some background information about myself in so many ways, that most of them did not know that person lived in me.

I believe that the most important attribute educators should maintain is a drive to continually learn and improve.

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It is still emerging, through my readings, observations and class discussions. An aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak.

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As such, the author believes that the five dimensions that are best reflective of herself are the primary ones. I expect many of my peers just like myself understood the importance of diversity in our field, but was not as well versed in how to incorporate multicultural practices into our work.

I also Reflections on Multicultural Diversity agree that this is one of the easiest correlates to implement so long as the first two correlates leadership and mission are appropriately executed.

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There are many ways I can learn and experience culture. Conclusion One of the most important, personal reflections that grew out of my experiences in this course, is recognizing that I do not have a clear defined philosophy yet. Get Essay Instead she treated everyone nicely even when they treated her bad. Retrieved from www. I believe as people, culture set us different, as such is imperative to respect the differences that exist amongst us as people. She never wanted to be treated like the princess that she was and did everything possible to fit in and be like every normal student. I can only hope that I can take the information and experiences that I have gathered in this introductory course and continue to grow this as the foundation to my own philosophy. Classism results from prejudices based on false assumptions. The comments they made was good. In so doing, I will describe the experience and what it was like, how it made me feel and think, and what I eventually learnt from it. Specifically, in my urban clinicals I saw more ethnicity and culture diversity differences between student to student and student to teacher relationships. It is extremely important to Reflections on Multicultural Diversity learn each unique individual in your class early on so that you can incorporate different styles and have the greatest impact on every one of your students. I will try to make sure that each one of my students are treated just like everyone else. Each student was actively involved and engaged, even if they're waiting in line to kick.

An important part of establishing these practices is to first focus on self-assessment when it comes to issues of multiculturalism.

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