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For Badoy and Agueda Montiya, they both lived and loved with hate, resentment, regret, but as the story ends, Badoy realized how he wasted his time with Agueda, how he could have loved her, so much more than he did.

All Girls are Dancing. I liked the style of the author, Nick Joaquin.

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Don Badoy went up to the window and with tears, reminisce that old love. Don Badoy, has his grandson named Voltaire. And remembering how she had sobbed so piteously; remembering how she had bitten his hand and fled and how he had sung aloud in the dark room and surprised his heart in the instant of falling in love: such a grief tore up his throat and eyes that he felt ashamed before the boy; pushed the boy away; stood up and looked outlooked out upon the medieval shadows of the foul street where a couple of street-lamps flickered and a last carriage was rattling away upon the cobbles, while the blind black houses muttered hush-hush, their tiled roofs looming like sinister chessboards against a wild sky murky with clouds, save where an evil old moon prowled about in a corner or where a murderous wind whirled, whistling and whining, smelling now of the sea and now of the summer orchards and wafting unbearable the window; the bowed old man sobbing so bitterly at the window; the tears streaming down his cheeks and the wind in his hair and one hand pressed to his mouth Regret comes to Badoy in the end, when he realized what he had lost. View other reactions on works by Nick Joaquin. This statement shows Agueda's utmost disgust in the dominance of men over them. Voltaire shared to his grandfather what his mother told him.

They chose to see the worst, but in the end, it can be seen that they were in love. You go to Europe and you come back elegant lords and we poor girls are too tame to please you," were the hurtful words she hurled at Badoy. Love is a splendid thing: it just happens, as most romantics say.

They believed that for they saw each other in the mirror that fated night, which they are bound to be with each other. All Boys are Drinking. Essay Topic: ReligionLove Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

We must not put our lives in the conviction of fortune tellers and superstitious beliefs because I believe that half of our fate depends on how we do things and how we value them.

I think Nick Joaquin is interested in the house of the middle class Maynilans. It was asking her who appeared when she cast the spell.

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The devil has a scar in its face. Years had passed and Don Badoy was already sixty years old. At last, Agueda ended up crying. Agueda was a beautiful and brave young girl who despised men like Badoy. What they never realized is that love is constantly worked on. The story is set under the assumption that Badoy and Agueda both believe in superstition, as well as fate. Agueda, very curious of the story, went down the hall silently. This statement shows Agueda's utmost disgust in the dominance of men over them. Agueda got mad and was about to walk away, but Badoy stop her and told her that she cannot go upstairs until she will dance with him. You know, to name someone as a witch or a devil is really cruel and what more about this couple? While on their way home Dr.

But the scene that really captures my attention is when Dr. After a while Agueda piteously cried and Badoy felt sorry for it and ask forgiveness.

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Reflection So many things needed to be answered inside my head, but still, I learned something about this story.

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May Day Eve (Summary, Review, Reflection) By Nick Joaquin