Philippine independent films versus mainstream movies

As film festivals, competitions and distribution channels such as Cinemalaya and Cinema One have motivated young maverick filmmakers in recent years, indie films have become synonymous to creative content and perspectives for many Filipinos today.

The most prominent film studios are tied up as a film studio to a tv studio, radio station, newspapers and magazines.

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Not only does this indicate a steep decline in the film output of mainstream cinema, this also gives a sharp contrast to the more than independently produced films in the Philippines last year.

The target audience of this alternative cinema are the foreign award-giving body that gives prestige to filmmakers. The digital age also brought about the democratization of film viewing. Small cinema houses in the provinces prospered for a while but with the advent of provincialization of malls, such small cinema houses closed down.

This gives a research gap in the kind of of filmmaking practiced during the American colonial period.

Independent Philippine cinema must be achieved not just in terms of independent production but also in term of subject matter and themes.

Some filmmakers refer to them as poverty porn and cultural porn. Buying a pirated DVD is much cheaper than going to a movie house, at the same time, a pirated DVD may contain numerous movies that could be viewed repeatedly.

The image of independent cinema also tends to intimidate, to the point that even if it is shown for free or at least comparatively cheaper, most Filipinos tend to stay clear of it.

Social networking sites are also penetrated by the film, music and especially the stars. The third highest-grossing local movie of was Petrang Kabayo P milliona remake of a s Roderick Paulate comedy from Regal Films.

At present time, various technology, especially that of new media makes film viewing and film making accessible to more people.

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Placino Filipino Film Viewing Culture Cinema in the Philippines started in right after Manila had its first electric plant installed thus providing an energy source for film projection.

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The Situation and Directions of Philippine Independent Cinema