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Top of page. What an honor it will be to play a facilitating role in fostering this community. This allows the tutor to engage the student in the work as is often done in face-to-face appointments and allows the student to make changes in real time that the tutor can see and discuss with the student. I am also honored to serve as the instructor for the Journaling for Creative and Personal Growth class at the Muse this fall. Affordances and Constraints of the Interface The following images are of the Google Hangout interface. Tutors unable to help students solve troubleshooting issues from getting the program to open to helping students get their microphone or audio working effectively. While it is possible to do text based appointments for hard of hearing or deaf students, WCOnline does not have the range of features that Google Hangouts has such as the sign language interpreter or live captioning apps.

In other words, how using WebEx exists within the other systems we have in place. It also is the only platform that I chose that is already integrated with other features beyond online tutoring such as an appointment booking software program.

WebEx has multiple navigation bars on the interface, likely being a little overwhelming for new users and our tutors when first learning how to use the system commented on not knowing whether to begin.

In order to run WebEx, the user must download the program, download a browser plug- WebEx Set-up Screen on Windows with the Google Chrome Browser in or run a temporary application, in addition to having multiple necessary plug-ins such as Java and ActiveX.

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Taking courses at the Muse has re-ignited my passion for the craft of writing, and challenged me to continue revising and improving my word work and myself. It is then very clear to both users when changes have been made, as well as what in the document has changed during the session.

However, this is something we would like to change in the future. It also allows students to log into their accounts and click on their appointment and join the online appointment that way too—so if a student loses the email, they still have access to the online appointment.

Wolfe, J. DOI: In short, I would not have resigned from a tenured university position and pursued a writing career if not for the Muse's quality instruction and inspiration. Wiring the Writing Center.

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Welcome to The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia (Hampton Roads, VA)