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Over these two days, students will participate in floor sessions, introduce legislation, mark up legislation in committee, and attend party caucuses. Governance[ edit ] Yale Model Congress is led by a President, a Yale undergraduate who is elected every spring.

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Each student is assigned a Senator in one of five legislative committees Armed Services, Foreign Relations, HELP, EPW or Judiciary and is responsible for researching a variety of bills, crafting appropriate amendments and portraying the assigned senator as accurately as possible.

It is currently in its th Congress, and forty seventh President. Except for a few local schools, delegations spend the weekend staying at the Omni or the nearby New Haven Hotel.

Committee chairs are selected every fall from a pool of interested Yale students.

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A bill is exactly that: a solution, or part of a solution, you would like to see implemented by our national government. The two most important sections in a bill are funding and enactment.

See examples of current bills, track legislation, etc. Section 4: This bill will take effect 90 days after passage.

How to create a bill

As the senators and lobbyists arrive they are told the time frame in which they are expected to lobby. Bills that pass through committee are eligible to be debated in one of six full sessions, which meet throughout the conference. The most essential portion of your bill is the enactment clause. Sample Legislation These pieces of legislation have been modified from actual bills Maggie Walker students have proposed at conferences such as Princeton Model Congress or Penn Model Congress, and we thank them for their contributions. Free access to some databases. During the conference, high school delegates participate in one of approximately thirty committees, chaired by Yale undergraduates. Each year, students from colleges and universities around the nation gather at Stetson University for this three-day event.

It is currently on the 16th Congress and 12th President.

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