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To a great extent, there seems to be a tendency to interchange media and mass communication. There are many benefits of using media. Trustworthiness of mass media There has been recent debate about whether the media accurately presents information and whether people can trust the media. Reading newspapers and magazines, watching TV, listening to the news on the radio are our main means of getting information. However, mass media offer products that focus on entertainment mainly. The media channels or the television company owners should remember that they are the face of the people. There are positive and negative influences of mass media, which we must understand as a responsible person of a society. Broadly, convergence is the blending of multiple media forms into one platform for purposes of delivering a dynamic experience. The media also helps in spreading social awareness. Because they control the mind of the masses. This playlist that is being analyzed through a multiperspectival lens has an overall theme that women are objectified and mistreated in the music industry, especially in the hip-hop genre. No one feels this intrusion more so than women. The mass media, including TV, radio, newspaper play a very important role in our modern life. S,

Here's a common argument we hear against social? Newspapers report different kinds of news. It creates ideas and sustained within society not only send ideological messages out to the public but to advertise this ideas which are tend to manipulate our mantalities.

As a result, even news programs bear some elements of entertainment. Postman believes that mass media have become a mere entertainment for the audience. The content of most popular fast foods is generally known to be unhealthy but it does not deter the choice of people in consuming them, as shown by the study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University Dahl, V, Radio stations, newspaper has taken over the minds of people in society.

The term media refers to sharing of information among the people. With the technology we have in our world we are persuaded to believe what is right and what is wrong.

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