Marketing plan for gardenia bread industries

Such break-even analysis helps Gardenia by showing the unit volume needed to cover the costs. Words: - Pages: 6 Buns Bakery Proper utilization of resources -it leads to effective utilization of the scarce resources of society.

The increasing emphasis on ethics and socially responsible actions encourages for-profit organizations to implement their social obligations. Here are some sample and comparison between Gardenia and High 5 according to the packing.

Everyone can get it easily from grocery shop, minimarket, supermarket and hypermarket. Bhd are customer market, reseller market, and also government market. I will focus my design and identity in the purchased bus that will accommodate the display and delivery services.

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We know that our customers are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while also trying to live within their budgets. Bakery on Wheels is different from the other bakeries because it offers delivery service all over Amman at different times for children and adults to enjoy.

These family bakeries however, do not only emphasize on the bread products, but also produce higher margin delicacies such as cakes and cookies.

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The rising number of educated people will increase the demand for quality products especially when health is highly concerned nowadays.

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Gardenia Bakeries Marketing