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Unionization needs to be abolished.

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We simulate the transportation conditions at our factory lab where we keep the boxes in the real-time conditions and check the ability of the box to withstand adverse road conditions. We are deploying racks in the warehouse and operational manuals in India which will help in imparting training to the people handling equipment. In turn, damages have been reduced and customer satisfaction has increased in terms of timely delivery and installation of the product. Overall impact of the same would be reduced cost, controlled inventory and it will ultimately improve customer satisfaction. If the government finds a way to develop inland waterways transportation, it will be a tremendous help to the industry. The transit times are very high because of poor infrastructure. We always keep on doing research with the packages in our manufacturing. LG Electronics has a presence in over 80 countries, manufacturing electronics and telecom products. Land development issue is also an issue.

In India, LG has earned a premium brand positioning and is the acknowledged trendsetter for the industry. India is a growing market and except TV, penetration of consumer durables is fairly small. LG does not directly source materials from the DRC and without careful due diligence cannot be certain that it is not indirectly financing conflict.

We were the first ones to set up network optimized warehouses based on tax structure of each states.

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There will be integration of networks going ahead. We also perform transportation test. As you know consumer electronics industry is a very dynamic market and the models keep on changing rapidly depending on the upgradations and application expanse, the major issues arise in making the newest model available to consumers in minimum time. We are working out on a strategy wherein we can leverage all the channels to gain access to the remotest part of the country. There are n number of various size of vehicles moving around carrying goods. We were the first ones to transport goods in close body vehicles. The idea was to channelize energies in bringing out the best products while Pantos Logistics would focus solely on reaching those products into the market in the shortest time. Of late, since last years, people are taking up supply chain as a preferred stream which was never the case earlier. In this scenario, as our manufacturing units are spread across the country, the major issue comes in terms of seasonality, transportability and the handing of products while in-transit.

We are trying to bring in global best practices in operating warehouses and material handling. We have a big market and the government is promoting digitization in a big way. We also perform transportation test. After GST, transportation will also improve drastically.

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There is a big scope for every player to co-exist.

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LG Honored For Supply Chain Sustainability