Infection control case study

Review of records of all patients who had surgical procedures at the facility before patient A's initial procedure showed one patient — patient B — with an HCV infection.

hospital infection control case study

AIM: The aim of this case study was to explore the environmental challenges nurses experience with infection control practice, and the strategies they use to overcome those challenges. A month later, she sought care at the same facility with jaundice, anorexia and abdominal discomfort.

This means the germ could have spread in that health care facility undetected.

Case study 1 In Marcha health care worker — patient A — underwent a procedure at the facility where she worked. The first challenge is the nature of the work environment, including: poor cleanliness in clients' home environments, pets or vermin, inadequate hand-washing facilities, and a lack of appropriate storage space for clinical materials.

METHOD: An exploratory case study was conducted in four home visiting nursing organisations in southeast Queensland, Australia, using data triangulation document review, individual interviews, and focus groups.

infection control case scenarios

Page last reviewed: April 2, Health department and the facility did infection control assessments and screened 30 patients for colonization.

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Case Studies in Infection Control