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F is now a CEO and founder of a company.

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Not every student embarks on a PhD wanting a university career and many move successfully into private-sector jobs in, for instance, industrial research. Meanwhile, competition for research funding and power-imbalanced relationships between supervisors and junior researchers can make labs and libraries ripe for bullying. I was also able to learn about other research being performed there, determine which projects excited me the most, and thus narrow down my criteria for a PhD program. But when considering the location of a university, your first thought should not be, "I'm going to be in the lab all the time, so what does it matter if I'm by the beach, in a city, or in the middle of nowhere. Later I got into Harvard, which was the best outcome I could have hoped for. Additionally, if your research requires access to certain museums, sites, libraries, archives, or equipment, studying in their country might facilitate your access. In some areas five years as a postdoc is now a prerequisite for landing a secure full-time job. Scientists can easily get stipends, and therefore drift into doing a PhD. But MIT or not, almost every doctoral program would ask you why you are interested in their program and how it fits into your career goal. Do you know where you want to live for the next five years?

Many of those who embark on a PhD are the smartest in their class and will have been the best at everything they have done. Guest posts are encouraged. A PhD program is quite the commitment and rarely lives up to expectations — but it is well worth the time and effort you will spend for something that truly excites you.

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Some universities are now offering their PhD students training in soft skills such as communication and teamwork that may be useful in the labour market. While location is more important than you think, the reputation and prestige of the university is not. A PhD should be about improving society, not chasing academic kudos Julian Kircherr Read more The problem with the academic dream is that the pipeline is broken. Expect to learn research skills on the fly — or take advantage of the training your department or career center offers. As such, all PhD programmes are different. But such unilateral academic birth control is rare. I was wondering, is all this work for a PhD degree worth it? In one study of British PhD graduates, about a third admitted that they were doing their doctorate partly to go on being a student, or put off job hunting. On this topic, Dr. You may find that you love the alternative research and devote your PhD to it, you might hate it and fall back on your previous area of study — or you may even discover a unique topic that incorporates both subjects. You know you are a graduate student, goes one quip, when your office is better decorated than your home and you have a favourite flavour of instant noodle. Those who wait for 15 minutes get another marshmallow and can eat both of them, however, those who eat the marshmallow immediately there is no second marshmallow The effort will be well worth it when you realize you've become quite adept at quickly and clearly explaining your research to others and at outlining scientific papers and grant proposals.

A break of a year or two or even more may be necessary to gain perspective. Poor supervision, bad job prospects or lack of money cause them to run out of steam. Graduate students do go on vacations but might still have to do some data analysis or a literature search while away.

Monica Harris, a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, is a rare exception.

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There, you will develop research collaborations and professional connections that will be crucial during your program and beyond. So seek out talks or interactive programs offered by your department or career center. Sometimes it's hard to know which advice to focus on and what will make the biggest difference in the long-run. I was dumbstruck; I thought I was current on all the grad school gossip. Today several short courses offer the advanced maths useful for finance. Here, I have curated a list of advice from current PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from the Department of Zoology at my institution, the University of Oxford, UK, to aid new graduate students. To that end, I interviewed a group of prospective, current, and graduated PhDs. Additionally, as a foreign student you might also qualify for scholarships from your home country or destination country that are specifically for students studying internationally. Their genuine enthusiasm for this advisor and their excitement when talking about their research was the best input I could have received. Things may not be so simple. Many universities offer free or significantly discounted language courses for their doctoral students. The following themes popped up Intellectual Curiosity If you are doing a PhD, you probably enjoy the subject of your program so much that you are willing to spend five or six years on it. As a PhD student, it might be hard to stop thinking about the next step in an experiment or that data sitting on your computer or that paper you were meaning to start.

These are some of the questions you will have to answer when considering which department to study your PhD at. Today several short courses offer the advanced maths useful for finance. The interests of academics and universities on the one hand and PhD students on the other are not well aligned.

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Why Would You Want to Do a PhD?