I am the messanger

Ed complains about his life, lamenting his strained relationship with his mother, Bev Kennedy, as his father died recently and left Ed with only his dog, the Doorman.

He has no clue who sent the strange package his way, or any idea about what it might mean, but eventually Ed works up the nerve to check out the first address.

But they say God walks with those people without them ever knowing it. Not all the addresses are scary though—one is just a lonely old woman who needs a friend, and another is a fifteen-year-old who wants to run and Ed helps her find her step. At each address and time Ed finds someone in need of help, some fun an old lady who needs some companysome harder a brutal man who abuses his wife.

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He's just minding his own business, driving the cab around, when he picks up the bank robber from the beginning. I'm the message. And when he does, he gets the shock of his life: he finds a man raping his wife.

The book is funny and self deprecating, the second chapter entitled: 'sex should be like maths: an introduction to my life'.

Little does he know he is being affected just as much as he is affecting others.

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Zusak pulls the words lingering on the edge of your brain as if you'd written them yourself. And his answers are never what I would expect. Zusak has a unique, remarkable talent for being able to make me laugh and cry all within the space of a few pages. What's the story? Little does he know he is being affected just as much as he is affecting others. After participating in a yearly football game, Ed's dog is stolen and he has to buy it back from a boy, who also gives him the Ace of Spades, on which are three names of famous authors. We don't imagine anyone is going to start mailing you playing cards any time soon, but that doesn't mean that you won't encounter some of the major obstacles found in this book. And while we wish you all the best, this book just might offer you some useful guidance in tough moments you face as you come into your own—and if nothing else, it serves up the hopeful message that today is a great day to start trying. Markus Zusak's young adult novel asks us to consider some pretty big questions about life and how we treat others.

But always he finds the courage to follow through.

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I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak