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Result: Pancake You can find some helpful photo resources here! Are you more like Converse or Vans sneakers? Who is your Disney villain alter ego?

Create, test, repeat.

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You can also opt to go another route when sharing a quiz via Facebook by using a custom tab, which makes the quiz a permanent addition to your Facebook page. While a strong headline gets your quiz clicked, the results get it shared.

For example, these are some fun questions you can base your quiz on.

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Result: Dylan and Cole Sprouse The simplest way is through your timeline. Tell them why they got a certain result. No matter the direction the results are going in, they are always positive to encourage sharing.

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While not offering precise insight into your character traits, personality quizzes show underlying character features, no matter how trivial the topic may be. Are you more like Shawn Mendes or Camila Cabello? If you have any questions, you can contact us here , or reach out to us personally! The results encourage them to share the quiz. How datable you are? And, boom. Create, test, repeat. So a good few of us me in particular are geeks.
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