How to write a good feature article lead

In-depth stories: Through extensive research and interviews, in-depth stories provide a detailed account well beyond a basic news story or feature.

Also make sure that your lead only discusses one idea to avoid confusion.

feature lead writing exercises

Claiming a celestial body guided them to the site, magi attending the birth say the boy will one day be king. When to Use the Feature Approach When done right, feature ledes can be a joy to read.

But over the weekend, the two combined and brought into the world a literary controversy — call it the Ferrante Furor of Of course, feature writers cannot make up dialogue; they listen for it during the reporting process.

examples of bad leads in journalism

A nut graph can be a single paragraph or more. Paragraphs can be written chronologically or in order of importance. Do not make readers wait until the 10th or 11th paragraph before telling them what the story is about.

descriptive lead examples

Understand the Context Keep in mind what your readers may already know about your story based on previous media coverage. The fact is that businesses are committing brand suicide with these tactics.

But many Muslims believe that it is forbidden for an unmarried man and woman to meet in private.

Newspaper lead examples

Structure Your Lead Properly Put your most crucial information at the very beginning of the sentence. Transition keeps readers from being jarred by the writing. Once you understand these cardinal rules, you can begin to experiment with style. From numerous next-day reports following the Kennedy assassination: The president is dead. Of course, feature writers cannot make up dialogue; they listen for it during the reporting process. The Second-Day Lead Reporters who work a beat or freelancers who write about certain topics on a regular basis often find themselves writing multiple stories about a single event. Because it explains the reason the story is being written, the nut graph--also called the "so what" graph--is a vital paragraph in every feature.
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How to Write a Lead: 10 Dos, 10 Don'ts, 10 Good Examples