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A detailed financial model has been developed to analyze the commercial viability of the trout aquaculture.

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The amount to feed can be estimated using the following relationships. The amount of feed required will increase with as the fish increase in size.

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The quality of the tubewell water should be analyzed. Sultana, G.

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Related Publications. If the soil has sufficient clay content, the dikes can be built from the soil that is removed during pond excavation; thus excavation costs are minimized. A water retention test will confirm the clay content : a hole three feet in diameter and three to four feet deep should be dug and filled with water to the top. Akhtar, N. Atleast one kg soil in the head of the auger is then placed in a plastic bag and taken. Fish is regarded as an excellent source of protein for human diet. The depth of production ponds should be 6. Four rules should be followed when feeding fish. Per unit of space, raceway production is much higher. If this situation does not improve the Fisheries expert should immediately be contacted. The bag should be labeled with the name of the farm, the location, and the depth at which the soil sample was taken and then send it to the nearest soil testing laboratory of the Punjab Fisheries Department.

Dry pond to cracking. First, grass carp will consume their weight in fodder every day. A secchi disk reading of cm is recommended for nursery and grow-out ponds.

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The fish should be fed, on daily basis during the warm months prior to harvest. To obtain fingerlings of this size, the farmer is required to have a nursery to grow the fingerling stock from approximately 10 grams to the desired grams during the growth period. Manures should be evenly spread in the pond whereas fertilizers should be dissolved in the water and then spread on the surface of pond water in a uniform way. Fodder should be placed in the same area of the pond at each feeding, and held in place with a floating enclosure constructed of bamboo or wood scraps. As compared to other sources of animal protein, the fish provides highly digestible protein which has also much growth promoting value for humans. It should be located in an area that is not subject to frequent flooding, have enough elevation that it can be pumped dry at least during the dry season, have the proper soil so as not to seep excessively, have an adequate water supply year around, have market road access even during the rainy season, and be away from agricultural activities that would include the spray application of pesticides. Most aquaculture product is consumed locally with only a small portion being exported. Feeding of Grass Carp The natural diet of grass carp larger than about 30 mm is almost exclusively macrovegetation, initially tender aquatic weeds, and later, other aquatic vegetation and the softer land plants. How much would everything cost and what would be the sources of the funds. Transparency of the water gives a direct indicator of the intensity of the plankton bloom. A privately run enterprise has successfully cultured the seed from this hatchery and subsequently produced about 3. Local consumers generally prefer freshwater fish over marine fish because of their familiarity with river and inland farmed fish as well as the fresh condition of the product.

The office of the FDC is responsible for policy making, planning and coordination with the provincial fisheries departments as well as other national and international agencies.

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Fish Farming in Pakistan