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Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development.

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The contrast in economic welfare, political stability, and culture among states creates many dilemmas for the international community. If not checked, many of our current practices put at serious risk the future we wish for human society.

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Sustainable development refers to a mode of human development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come.

All goals can be measured with a quantifiable unit, although some measurements may be harder to interpret than others. The meaning of sustainable development should include improving the quality of human life and improving human health in order to create a good social and natural environment.

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With new social networks, the internet, and advance telephones it becomes so easy to share and communicate with anyone from around the world in a matter of seconds. I will use all the resources from the site what resources?

In addition, the traditional development mode shows many disadvantages and cannot be sustained.

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They are essential when understanding waterfront planning and redevelopment. Sustainability is to create a new design goal. Can we as a global society turn the tables. It is used in various fields, especially in design field, such as green design, ecological design. Abstract: Sustainable Rural Development is an entitle to positive changes in rural livelihood by generating durable assets, and it is not only in economic concern it may also interrelates in promotion of socio and cultural aspects by avoid bad socio-practices. Therefore, it has a strong ethical component, and, implicitly, a normative dimension. Whether on a large or small scale, some strand of poverty is visible in every community worldwide. Research dealing with culture and sustainable development is dealing with norms and values. It is also important to consider these different factors. Although managing the economic bottom line and protecting social and environment resources is an important aspect of sustainability, it is not the only aspect.
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