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Studies in Higher educaion, 27 1 , The destructive effects of these social networking sites overweigh the progressive ones. Journal of American College Health, 50 1 , One ofthe most popular and recognized platforms used on the Internet are social networking sites such as Facebook. Chen, Y. Particularly, as we consider the generation for whom such social media technology exchanges have existed their entire lives, there is a fluid interchange between digital and physical experiences. This University is selected as a site of the current study due to that it is the only government college with large number of students serving currently for a total population of about 10, students as data of this campus registrar office and no study has been conducted on this topic in the college under the study so far. Shimelis Z. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 14 5 , Social media technology links people together in ways that resemble traditional feelings of connection, belonging, loosely defined memberships, exchange of feelings and ideas, and the reporting of experiences and actions. Among millennial college students, for instance, multiple collections of Internet-minority groups exist rather than a homogenous group of age-restricted users Jones et al. Hence, this study may serve as a basis for programs aimed to help students understand proper ways to use technology and the internet.

Accordingly, the regular students of this campus are about 10, Wollega University Registrar office, Chapter four is the section in which the results of the survey are briefly presented using descriptive analysis.

This research will be very helpful for students, researchers, and curriculum developers to know the relationship of internet usage and academic achievement. Accordingly, this study is subject to the following limitations that future studies should address to shed more light on the subject under investigation.

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Chemers, Hu, and Garcia have suggested that perception on the self, as well as on the learning experience are both positively correlated with their academic achievement. Also, my special thanks go to Wollega University Registrar Office employees for providing me all necessary information and all the study participants who have given their time to fill the questionnaires and to many people who have helped me with financial, material and moral support up to the completion of my thesis work.

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Although it was revealed that most of the respondents logged on to the internet times a day and spent hours online, it seems likely that the respondents had not spent enough time online to be adversely affected academically as hours online is in sharp contrast to the Nielsen consumer group report which stated that individuals in the top six Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia spent an average of An introducion to regression analysis. The misuse of these sites on a daily basis has many destructive effects on the physical and mental health of students making them sluggish and unenthusiastic to build interaction with the people in real life. Predictors: Constant , Perceived Level of Internet Addiction Regression analysis was used to help determine the effects of the perceived effect of Internet Usage on the Academic Achievement of Southeast Asian college students? Internet World Stats. Described as total concentration and deep involvement in the tasks, these activities result in intrinsic enjoyment, combined with keen curiosity and pleasure that encourages repetition of the activity, but also the loss of time and an inability to control usage or halt the activity. Nonetheless, having a positive perception towards the learning environment does not necessarily entail similar results. The deliberate use of Facebook led to a culture of engagement that deepened interpersonal connections between students as well. For this generation, SNS is a primary means of communication and information seeking, and possibly, a central component of their identity and community building. Since the problem is relatively new, the researcher believes several attempts to be made for an idea of answering this question. An important dimension to understand when evaluating usage within this demographic is the wide array of user personalities engaging in social media conversations. Furthermore, additional studies on Facebook impact on both engagement and academic performance show positive effects. Secion III.

These young media consumers are more connected than any previous generation, and they have an expectation to remain that way in all aspects of their lives.

Perhaps similar to the other studies mentioned, respondents use the internet as a tool to connect socially, on top of for information search.

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In fact, the Worldwide Web, originally created in for US military forces, has become not only an effective instrument for the management of US army, but later a convenient tool that issued by civilians for communication, entertainment, and learning purposes.

The students become preys of social networks more often than anyone else.

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Lastly, chapter five points out the conclusions drawn, and the recommendations forwarded. Tsang, K. Various researchers have conducted studies to pinpoint the several impacts of these sites on their users and findings suggested both bright and dark aspects. So, to attain the intended objectives, mixed approach were chosen as the research questions contain both qualitative and quantitative natures. It also briefly deals with the research question, the aims and scope of the study as well the definitions of key terms used throughout the thesis. In addition, the findings of the study are expected to contribute a little towards bridging the existing literature gap on understanding the impediments and blessing opportunities of Facebook in the academic environment. Error Beta t Sig. On the contrary, heavy internet users are found to be more likely to get depressed, physically-ill, lonely, and introverted. Additional Pew research conducted by Jansen notes, expectedly, that individuals with greater income spend more time on connected devices, and in many cases, increased use is due to the disparity in ownership of internet-ready devices beyond the mobile phone. It is emerged on February 4, , when a year-old sophomore Harvard student named Mark Zukerberg founded the revolutionary site to connect Harvard University students Grossman, Chapter two consists of the related literature. Intellectual capabilities to manage time and process information also should affect their capacity to benefit from online activities and restrict their efficiency on any tasks performed in parallel. Chen, Y.

Some of the Facebook users were also found to report that Facebook activities distract them from their educational endeavors, even though they realized that their education is supposed to be their priority.

This conclusion parallels a study by Youngwho found that Internet addicts experienced personal, family, occupational problems, and academic difficulties, causing poor grades and eventually expulsion from universities. For instance, users can play games with other people in any part of the world, watch movies and listen to music.

The use of midpoint on Likert Scale: The implicaions for educaional research.

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To date, Facebook serves roughly million people enabling them to share multitudes of information and connect with others Fletcher,

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Effect of Internet on Student's Academic Performance and Social Life