Developmental assets

Twenty-one of the 40 Developmental Assets are measured by at least 3 items, and most of those have acceptable reliability ranging from 0.

Results suggest the importance of longitudinal and experimental studies to determine whether Life Satisfaction is a consequence or a determinant of possessing Developmental Assets. Prevention—Like their peers, LGBT youth who have more assets are much less likely to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors.

Research indicate a significant positive relationship between increased experience of Developmental Assets and perception of Life Satisfaction Valois et al. Discussion From an overall perspective, the results from this study suggest that very few Portuguese adolescents experience enough Assets: on average adolescents tend to experience half of the 40 Developmental Assets.

We must also note, taking into account the mean Life Satisfaction reported by Asset Level, that results indicate that the mean on the Satisfaction With Life Scale falls in the Slightly Dissatisfied range in the group At-risk Development, in the Slightly Satisfied range in the group Vulnerable Development, in the Satisfied range in the group Adequate Development, and in the Extremely Satisfied range in the group Optimal Development.

Restraint—Young person believes it is important not to be sexually active or to use alcohol or other drugs.

which of the following is an asset category that is included in the developmental assets model?

Analysis of standardized continuous distributions of Developmental Assets, performing t tests, showed statistically significant differences across gender in the experience of the 40 Assets. No other significant differences were established among genders concerning Developmental Assets.

These times of transition represent important opportunities for reinforcing or rebuilding positive supports and opportunities.

40 developmental assets activities

It should be noted that these two types of results found in this study, that represent aspects of similarity and diversity in the experience of Assets, allow the identification of Assets that are important to all adolescents, while indicate the relevance of specific Assets in adolescents with different characteristics.

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Our Current Research on Developmental Assets