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Other poets involved in this scene included Charles Bukowski — and Jack Spicer — Brooks, Van Wyck. Karl Shapiro —Randall Jarrell — and James Dickey — all wrote poetry that sprang from experience of active service.

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The Black Arts movement was grounded in the tenets of black nationalism and sought to generate a uniquely black consciousness.

She also wrote tender evocations of home, family life and of her love for her husband, many of which remained unpublished until the 20th century.

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English, James. Los Angeles: Sun and Moon Press, These contradictory impulses can be found swirling within modernism , a movement in the arts defined first and foremost as a radical break from the past. Inspired by Zen , Dada and scientific theories of indeterminacy , they were to prove to be important influences on the s U. As David Herd neatly points out in his study on Ashbery, the latter is ideal for such appropriation because he is regarded by a host of critics as both mainstream and avant-garde Herd 1 and can consequently be enlisted for a variety of critical projects. Their poems—fragmentary, purposefully ungrammatical, sometimes mixing texts from different sources and idioms—can be by turns abstract, lyrical, and highly comic. She writes about nature, not only the nature of environment, but also the nature of humans. The term was later taken up and popularized by Robert Bly. Emerson, Letters 2373ot imitation, but creation is the aim. The Black Arts movement was grounded in the tenets of black nationalism and sought to generate a uniquely black consciousness.

Yet to allow for later incorporation into an American tradition, poetry at some point needs to be recognized as distinctly American. Old and new make the warp and woof of every moment. Many of the Objectivists came from urban communities of new immigrants, and this new vein of experience and language enriched the growing American idiom.

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Ithaca: Cornell UP, As might be expected, the works of all these writers are united by a common search for a distinctive American voice to distinguish them from their British counterparts. William Morrell's "Nova Anglia" or "New England," which is a rhymed catalog of everything from American weather to glimpses of Native women, framed with a thin poetic "conceit" or "fiction" characterizing the country as a "sad and forlorn" female pining for English domination. Chance, however, is not a methodologically appealing category. During the s, as the United States headed toward civil war, more and more stories by and about enslaved and free African Americans were written. However, as previously noted, San Francisco had become a hub of experimental activity from the s thanks to Kenneth Rexroth and Gleason. Letters and Social Aims. Strong creative will and individuality are of utmost importance and manifest themselves in an original and innovative mis- reading of the model. Three men— Nathaniel Hawthorne , Herman Melville , and Walt Whitman —began publishing novels, short stories, and poetry during the Romantic period that became some of the most-enduring works of American literature. Vendler, Helen.

The poets' primary subjects were the domestic life, mythology, and politics of the United States, in which several of the poets were directly involved.

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Periods of American Literature