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A linguistic analysis using categorization of mentions can inform you of the associations with your brand. Sentiment analysis allows you to gain an overview of the wider public opinion around your brand, or specific campaign or product.

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A linguistic analysis using categorization of mentions can inform you of the associations with your brand. Beyond traditional profiling such as demographics, ensure you understand variances in buying triggers and personal values across different groups. Competitor Analysis In addition to collecting feedback about your firm, understanding how your competitors position themselves is necessary in order to differentiate yourselves from them. Share and celebrate the rebrand with your customers. Having brand assets stored in a cloud-based system such as Marketing Resource Management ensures they all align with your strategic brand vision and objectives. Key Audiences Review your key audience and determine if it has changed or expanded. The process that defines the elements that shape this orientation can come from many points of reference. But as marketers, we know only too well that brand documents and other key marketing assets often get buried somewhere deep in local drives or home-grown intranets. You may want to reposition your messaging if your actual audience differs from your perceived audience. Conducting Your Brand Audit A good first step in initiating your brand refresh effort is to look at your business holistically and objectively through the lens of a brand audit. Build their awareness and knowledge about why you are choosing to rebrand and what it will mean to the company, to them, and to customers. We have expertise in many different techniques such as, web surveys, omnibus surveys, postal surveys, face to face interviews and via social media, online communities and mobile phone.

Rebranding requires exceptional storytelling and communication from the very beginning, even before the brand changes are noticed or felt. To learn more about how we can help you identify ways to make practical, positive changes in the way brand and marketing assets are managed, contact us here or call InNetflix decided to split into two companies: one focused on the DVD-by-mail business, the other on streaming video.

Competitive Landscape As you consider your current marketplace, identify all competitors. Monitoring paid and organic channels is standard practice for working out if your SEO or display adverts are succeeding or need optimizing. Review social data Social data can help further flesh out the overview of your brand, giving access to audience data that is unavailable through other channels.

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Define any subtle differences in how you communicate your brand across channels. Because that type of loyalty is largely based on feelings, you must learn more about what consumers feel and value, as well as what influences them to buy your products over those of your competitors.

This will give you a better reference for your brand evolution. Considering the complexity of businesses today, this is an area where organizations often need help. Interviews usually take about minutes, and clients almost always enjoy the chance to give feedback.

Definition Phase We define positioning graphics for every source based on all the information gathered throughout the analysis. Have a look at your web analytics program to discover how your website is performing.

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A little search engine savvy should turn up most of what you need. When you consider your various points, be sure to include differentiators appropriate to each audience. Communicate what is changing and why. For starters: Brand Language. There are a wide range of metrics you can measure, but which ones are important will change on a case by case basis. The survey results are presented in simple and clear reports with accompanying statistical analysis. Include your employees in the rebranding process.
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What is a Brand Analysis?