Blessing universe and life

Bless all the countries in the world with peace and happiness and a willingness to work together harmoniously.. And listen … but do not impose any thoughts. I know that acknowledging the gifts and blessings that are all around and showing my gratitude opens me up to the abundance of the universe. Bless all the spirits and angels that guard us and keep us safe and advise us on the right path to take. Sit under one that you are drawn to, and listen to its song. Pretend you've been wanting something out of life for a long time now maybe it's a promotion When you do this you are leveraging powerful resources that are already available to you: your blessings and your naturally high vibe state in that moment A. Imagine yourself with all your manifested desires in your hand. And then they wonder why blessings are so few and far between!

It might some time for the answer to emerge. But how do we bless God? The answer can come in many ways, it can come in on energy level, or you might see a picture, an object, or hear a word, or receive a sensation. Not eager Of course, I desire that your dreams come to you, even rush to you.

may the universe bless you

You can talk about it, sing a little song about it, write it down in a gratitude journalsimply reflect on how awesome it is, say a little "thank you" prayer, go out to dinner, do a little dance, throw a party, you-name-it!

It's all about celebrating everything good in life and leaning into the times when you're already feeling blessed. Furthermore, we are dedicated to promote aware, conscious and compassionate living.

Coveting doesn't work. When something good happens, celebrate it!

blessings from the universe

And maybe you are for a moment or two, but most likely you're already thinking things like this

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How to Attract More Blessings in Your Life