Be able to agree a personal development plan

Reviewing and updating care plans Taking individuals to activities Your responsibilities are the things that you are accountable for in your day to day work. You may review your PDP as part of your regular supervision. For example: Goal. Describe the process for agreeing a personal development plan and who should be involved.

Good communication skills are one of the Care Certificate Standards. Your duties are the tasks that you perform in your daily practice, which will involve caring for and supporting individuals with tasks that they unable to manage themselves and perhaps teaching them new skills to increase their independence.

Your employer knows exactly what they expect from a worker and will help you set targets and find the learning you need.

importance of personal development plan

As you progress through the Care Certificate and your induction, you should receive regular feedback from your manager or assessor. You just have to draw a four quadrant map and use each part for your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

You can demonstrate this by showing them a copy of your PDP.

personal development plan examples professional

E learning improvement of knowledge. I will need to know the difference between a variety of different measures such as grams and milligrams and be able to calculate simple conversations.

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Personal development planning