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However, it is not especially attractive in titles or decorations because it does not have the sophisticated letterforms of the Diwani, Thuluth and Kufic scripts. Another thing that I found quite different in the Middle East was its natural landscape, which is so different from that of Japan.

This is one of the essential precepts from the Koran that has inspired me. There are basically eight different styles of Arabic calligraphy. Square Kufic. The colors you see in the desert are in fact quite rich in their variations, always changing as the light from the sun changes.

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This is the same as the case of Arabic calligraphy. The supervisor accompanying us from the government ministry was also a calligrapher, so I asked him to teach me more about the art. This complexity makes it harder to use with long text, so a simpler version of the script is needed if a calligrapher is to use it for that purpose. These rules are based on four elements: the rhombic dot, the alif, the circle and the similarity system. People in the Middle East like to fill in spaces with some arabesque or marbled pattern, whereas Japanese prefer to maintain that empty space and eliminate whatever is not strictly necessary. He loaned me a book on the alphabet and a reed pen. The more I worked on this, the more interesting it became. This form is very noticeable, with its straight letters and no curves at all. As an Egyptian citizen, resident in Cairo, I enjoy the Fatimid Kufic as part of my daily life because it can be seen in the architectural decorations on the old Islamic buildings.

It can take months to complete a single work of calligraphy. Because the calligraphic lines were perfected over a millennium, drawing them takes a high level of technical skill that is passed on from teachers to their students.

But now, unlike when I was in my twenties, I have the medium of Arabic calligraphy with which to express myself. The Maghribi script is marked by descending lines written with very large bowls and by letters of a unified thicknesses.

These inscriptions were date to the 14th century BC.

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The way its letters are connected makes it particularly easy to convert into a digital font.

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Arabic Calligraphy