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I want to start with what we got, in every area, and build on it.

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After winning a landslide election, she died in office in He managed to still complete the campaign, but ultimately lost the Democratic nomination to George McGovern who then lost the presidential election to Richard Nixon. Bristol: Policy Press, , 1: He used southern humor to parry uncomfortable questions at rallies. That should have been the end of it all. Three years later, these developments had reached a boiling point. The South finally appeared to be ready to move into the American mainstream. He enjoyed being the sole practitioner of his divisive political message. In he sought a new term as governor and won the election with substantial support from black voters. Schlesinger Jr.

This process had been going on for some time: according to historian James Patterson, the year served as the hinge for the sixties. Everything he had worked for and felt within his grasp suddenly dissolved, like a handful of sand in an ocean wave.

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Republican Congresswoman Catherine May of Washington for instance wondered why so many people in her state — according to her, a liberal state without profound racial problems — had Wallace stickers on their cars. Wallace began to realize the appeal of his words outside the South.

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The early s had much more in common with the consensus climate of the Eisenhower years, Patterson claimed. Wallace had married three times. Solution-by-government does not alarm him, and neither does the rustle of federal billions leaving the Treasury.

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Three years later, these developments had reached a boiling point. His efforts to improve the state's economy, health care, employment and infrastructure were considered highly successful. Some of the money came from questionable contracts that the state of Alabama gave out for its work programs while he was governor. The Wallace people were grateful for this as well. See Niels Spierings et. This press conference, which should have been a rote introduction of a running mate instead turned into what could best be described as a segment from a political version of the Keystone Cops. Wallace thus formed a bridge between southern and northern whites angry with the federal government. He was politically conservative and had real worries about the direction that Johnson had taken the country. Only Such controversial moments were a mere foreshadowing of the George Wallace presidential campaign Wallace instinctively understood that he could tap into the growing fear among white voters. This message was partly based on the idea of middle-class respectability.

In some cases, he issued public apologies for his earlier actions. George Wallace and Richard Nixon ripped the New Deal coalition of the Democratic Party apart that year, with a masculine message of law and order at home and peace with honor in Southeast Asia.

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The early s had much more in common with the consensus climate of the Eisenhower years, Patterson claimed. Wallace failed. George Corley Wallace was governor of Alabama from till , from till , and from till As the election came down to the final stretch in the first days of autumn, crowds at events for the George Wallace presidential campaign were growing and his poll numbers were rising. From that moment on, he would only go downhill. A focus on gender and emotions may not only offer an intersectional synthesis between the race- and class-based approaches that have dominated historiography, but it also gives an explanation for the failure of liberal politicians to find an effective response to populist conservatism — a style drenched in toxic masculinity that is now a prominent feature of political cultures across the globe. Gender also remains an understudied category in the research on populism. One reporter was so stunned that he forgot to switch on his tape recorder. Many including Wallace himself claimed that populist U.
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