An analysis of the political social and religious problems during the reign of charles v

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In Germany the Protestant princes, led by Philip of Hesseallied with France to wage a new war against the Emperor. In Charles ordered Ferdinand to assert his authority in religious matters. Most helpful essay resource ever!

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Nevertheless, the Flemings wished Charles to assume the royal title, and this was supported by his grandfather the emperor Maximilian I and Pope Leo X. Charles, however, was able to outbid him, and on June 28, , he was elected king of the Romans, or emperor designate. Reign Charles V's European territories. He handed the running of the Holy Roman Empire over to his brother Ferdinand in , and in October , in the Hall of the Golden Fleece in Brussels, he resigned the sovereignty of the Netherlands to his son Philip of Spain, asking those present to forgive him if, from the love he bore them, he shed some tears. In early Maurice of Saxony penetrated into Austria, forcing Charles to flee. A ramp was specially constructed to allow him easy access to his rooms. Charles had arranged for Ferdinand's election as emperor-designate but tried afterward to change the succession to his own son Philip, thus causing much resentment on Ferdinand's part. In , the death penalty was introduced for all cases of unrepentant heresy. The wealth of Spain paid for his efforts to control western Europe.

Charles, who in had already taken over the government of the Netherlands, became regent of Aragon and Castile for his mother, who was confined because of mental illness to the castle of Tordesillas. There soon developed an emotionally tinged understanding between Charles and his Spanish subjects that was to be steadily deepened during his long rule.

There's a problem with this paper. Charles delegated increasing responsibility for Germany to his brother Ferdinand while he concentrated on problems elsewhere. When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author.

This marriage created the possibility of a future union of England and Spain under one monarch. Inhowever, he was back in the field, now supported by the Pope and other Italian powers.

Charles's ideal was an anachronism, however, since Europe had become too complicated to be so governed.

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His reign was dominated by war, and particularly by three major simultaneous conflicts: the Habsburg-Valois Wars with France, the struggle to halt the Ottoman advance, and the Protestant Reformation resulting in conflict with the German princes.

By background and training, Charles was a medieval ruler whose outlook on life was stamped throughout by a deeply experienced Roman Catholic faith and by the knightly ideals of the late chivalric age.

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Charles V is credited with the first idea of constructing an American Isthmus canal in Panama as early as In Septemberhe abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor in favor of his brother Ferdinand, although the abdication was not formally accepted by the Electors of the Empire until

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Holy Roman Emperor Charles V