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Hell, at least, is contained and is actually ruled by a some sort of law. Paradise Lost encompasses a little more of the biblical story.

His Son, of course, offers to die for man, "I for his sake will leave Thy bosom," he says. The rebel angels then construct a Temple, a throne room, for their general and for their government, greater in grandeur than the pyramids or the Tower of Babylon.

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God then makes him the king of man, son of both man and God. Milton therefore believes that God was justified in leaving Adam and Eve exposed to evils, and leaving their reasoning free; only that defines human beings as supreme creatures. Milton, with the devils, has his own idea of how good and evil is balanced and, with the devils, refute the others as impossible.

A war started between God and Satan, in which the latter was defeated and thrown out of Heaven into Hell along with his companions who are now demons. Just as it was when volunteers were asked for in hell to tempt man to fall, no one in heaven is willing to undertake the task of saving him.

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The reader first meets a stunned Satan chained down to a fiery lake of hell, surrounded by his coconspirators. It can also, however, be extrapolated out to hold theological and religious messages, as well as political and social themes. How did Milton dream up such vivid depictions of such horrible demons as the ones we see in Book I. Their relationship is based on lust: Satan raped his daughter Sin and they had Death. Milton therefore believes that God was justified in leaving Adam and Eve exposed to evils, and leaving their reasoning free; only that defines human beings as supreme creatures. Jesus will first be taken alive by God to Heaven after bearing the persecution of Israelites and then God will send him again on Earth to defeat Sin and Death; thus, ultimately destroying Satan and his dark forces forever. There are mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas. Satan gathers his closest twelve around him. And there just might be worse hells than where they are now. Play Quiz Introduction These notes have been prepared after going through some reference books and a number of online sources.

He spies Uriel, one of God's angels, guarding the earth. By demonstrating the nature of the beings who created mankind, Milton is presenting his, or his culture'sviews on what good and evil mean, what mankind's relationship is with the Absolute, what man's destiny is as an individual and as a species.

As well, there is a large passageway, though it will soon be made smaller, that brings angels down to God's creatures on earth.

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Satan replies that God indeed wanted to punish them by forcing them to languish in hell for eternity. Satan turns himself into a cute little cherub and asks Uriel where this new creature of God's is so that he may go and admire it Uriel is impressed that an angel would want to leave heaven to check out God's creation, and he directs Satan to man's home in Paradise. So, it would not be appropriate to say that this is done by using traditional techniques of variation. He invokes the classical Muse, Urania, but also refers to her as the "Heav'nly Muse," implying the Christian nature of this work. Satan comments on how Beelzebub has been transformed for the worse by the punishment of God. It is in fact so unfamiliar to common language, even the usual literary language, that Dr. These are closely followed by the works of Virgil and Milton. He tells his son how Satan is going to tempt man and how man is then going to fall. Note that Satan tries to kill his only son, Death, when he first approaches the gates of hell. First, there can be no all out, open warfare between heaven and hell, because it would be an exercise in futility. Milton emphasizes the importance of reason. After a terrible war with His Angels, he was finally thrown into hell, where they lay nine days in a burning lake. Through the book, the reader alternates from focusing on Satan and the others demons in Hell, God and the Son and angles in heaven, and of Adam and Eve on Earth. Evil will exist, but it will not be equal to good. Man is noble by nature, but he has free will, and hence free to choose and capable of action, morally good or bad for which he alone is responsible.

They come one by one. Belial suggests that they stay in hell and hope that God either relents on the punishment, or that they will, over time, grow used to the obnoxious fumes and pain.

It might have satisfied God, but it would have kept man spiritually undeveloped.

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Analysis of Paradise Lost by John Milton