An analysis of proctor and gamble company in global multinational corporations

While emerging markets represent a huge potential for MNEs, they are also associated with a number of drawbacks which are challenges and they should not be neglected.

Entry strategies of multinational companies

Further, it defines factors which affect different strategic decisions. For example, the corporate mission specifies a product development strategy that emphasizes quality and value. It is a leading global consumer goods brand with a strong image. Innovation leader. Globalization: They are expanding their business globally by increasing their sales worldwide and by developing their conditions in the market. In this way, the company has managed a strong global presence. This refers to design of 4Ps: Product, price, promotion and place Root,

Then in its revenue grew to Hollensen and many other marketing and management authors argue that, MNEs should be concerned with 2 major decisions when entering foreign markets; 1.

Evaluation of alternative entry modes could happen due to many reasons such as; strict governmental regulations in target market, absence of adequate partners in target market, previous failures, knowledge, etc.

External environment analysis: They have expanded their business from just 2 products that they were used to produce earlier. This is a problem between them, so Procter Gamble changed its mode. Products: They are producing innovative and quality products with the help of skilled labors. Under the current scenario, where the company is facing stiff competition and cannot increase prices, product innovation is the only good option before it to find faster growth.

The rapid development of international market and globalization has reduced trade barriers and tariffs. Each category of entry modes is introduced in the Table 1 below.

Procter and gamble global strategy

The company is trying to find faster growth by investing in product innovation as well as marketing. SWOT analysis. The pressure related to product and marketing innovation is also higher on the brand which already spends quite a fortune on advertising and promotions each year. Buying power of the consumers are increasing day by day. Using natural ingredients more rather than chemicals in their products. If not, the goal is to understand inconsistencies and factors which influence them. The thesis is therefore based on secondary data and the methodology of the thesis is demonstrated graphically in the figure below. The company uses this type of entry mode usually when it does not have international experience or simply chooses not to internationalize through other market entry strategies, because the only goal is to increase sales and not market shares. Apart from a strong marketing strategy, the company needs to employ innovative marketing techniques which help it emerge from the heavy competition. There are several more challenges facing the consumer goods industry. However, the US economy is performing very well and this has led to healthier consumer spending. I have been learning a lot about MNEs and their international strategies during my studies at Vienna University. In this way, the company has managed a strong global presence. It has done this to manage its product portfolio more strategically and to derive better results from its existing products. On this basis, Procter Gamble decides to develop this market.

Since markets are very dynamic, entry strategies chosen by MNEs must be up to date with market changes. Apart from e-commerce channels for online sales, the company is also using online channels for marketing.

The next part will explain it from three dimensions. Technological environment: Different technologies are being used for making the products safe and healthy.

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