Aarhus university master thesis topics

Preferably discuss a draft of a schedule, frequency of meetings and table of contents, so you know whether you agree on the direction and allocation of time.

Please note: in the time period 15 June to 15 July the deadline for the assessment is extended to six weeks. If the form is not submitted, you lose the right to supervision. The thesis must be uploaded as a pdf file.

You have a new deadline of three months to submit the thesis, starting from the initial deadline. Contact your supervisor initially and clarify the reasons for the result.

Assessment of your thesis The university must announce the assessment no later than four weeks after your thesis has been submitted. Check out the specific deadline with your programme coordinator. Help is available if you have any academic or personal problems during the thesis period.

You are not allowed to hand in a paper copy of the thesis, as it is the uploaded version that is legally binding. There will continually be phone and mail-support in the opening hours of the service desk.

aarhus university masters

You commence a thesis amounting to 45 ECTS credits no later than Q2 the year after commencement of studies. To clarify the direction of your thesis, you can look for inspiration in courses you find interesting, and talk to selected course coordinators or your degree programme coordinator.

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Ideas for the master's thesis