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She was no fiery lady to pattern myself on, and, I thought the rest of her anthologized poems seemed too careful; they lacked bite. Eliot , Bogan and others chose to use traditional techniques, though her poetry is modern and emotive without being sentimental, and her language is immediate and contemporary. In she left the university after completing her freshman year. She was This doesn't bother me much. Her second volume, Dark Summer, appeared six years later in She could be wrong and she could be disappointing in her pieces, which is to say that she was mortal. It's minor, all save the first stanza. She is a compulsive poet first, a stylist second. More than this, one cannot read far in her pages without realizing that at the core of her poetry is mind-stuff which it is fashionable to call metaphysical. Theodore Roethke called this poem "a breakthrough to great poetry, the whole piece welling up from the unconscious, dictated as it were". He was posted to Panama late in World War I , and after a brief, unhappy sojourn there Bogan and her daughter returned to the United States and moved in with her parents. By the poems they present, by their arrangement and timing, the editors subtly hold out the possibility that a child—though a child—is capable of rising to good poems, and so of becoming, through an encounter which also requires much of him, something more than he was. Women have no wilderness in them, They are provident instead, Content in the tight hot cell of their hearts To eat dusty bread.

Interpreting the poem in Jungian terms, he saw it as a struggle with the Anima, where the house in the 'cave of trees' is a "womb within a womb," and the Medusa the "man-in-the-womb, mother - her mother, possibly" Bogan's reading of the poem here is restrained and self-controlled, but her lilting Maine accent draws our attention to the subtle ways in which each poem's units of sense are musically joined together.

They perniit us to move through the private voice of their author into her life. No more struggling not to be a square. It's minor, all save the first stanza. Alexander, an army officer, died in How she says it is pleasing.

Bogan was born in a mill town, where her father was a clerk in a pulp mill.

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The couple eventually moved to the Panama Canal Zone, where she wrote some of the poems that would appear in her early collections. Parochial punks; trimmers, nice people, joiners trueblue, Get the hell out of the way of the laurel.

Isn't that wonderful?

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I still can go into love humbly and take it, no matter what end, and feel humble and ashamed [?

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