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Population and urbanization[ edit ] The world population was about 6. Sustainability is a term that is not well understood and is misused, but the reality is that any activity that is not sustainable will stop.

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For that reason, Population Media Center utilises long-running serialised dramas in various countries to create characters that gradually evolve into positive role models for the audience to bring about changes in social norms on a broad array of critical issues.

The concept of female independence has changed over the years; people have gone from frowning upon female independence to celebrating it.

Where years ago, we thought of violence in terms of massive organized conflict, now it takes a less aggregated and perhaps less organized form. Folk are not stupid. This creates a permanent obstacle to more sophisticated forms of economic development and also takes a toll on citizens relying on transport and communication services.

This is a new way of operating for them.

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The fragility of the environment and the global web are new, but the outstanding challenge remains the same: the institutionalization of social order through the state. We must work together to safely accelerate the realisation of driverless vehicles. All in all, the human brain is also a complex, mutually related, varied and integral system, and during the recent years the world culture made several hesitant steps towards acquiring similar qualities. Or which new fashion look you should be sporting. There are many exciting developments at the lab bench level that could translate into "Star Trek"-like abilities to wade into epidemic hysteria and swiftly identify who is infected, and with what organism. Border collies make terrible pets. Scratching the surface are programmes offered by governments and utilities, to assist homeowners to weatherise their structures. Hitting the gym every once in a while can have remarkable effects on your mental well-being.

They too binge on huge bowls of ice-cream while weeping over their latest failures. When it comes to heating for somewhere like the UK, you might need storage that lasts several months.

But nobody seems interested in bankrolling such game-changing innovations for production on a mass scale. Trump, Brexit, and Le Pen are representations that people understand growth only for the elite in the West is no longer tenable.

It will also compare the similarities and differences of the living conditions in towns and cities between the three named centuries above.

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The latter type of violence is constantly made visible by the media and it has become a source of mano dura policies with little respect for human rights, whereas it is the former, interpersonal violence that claims more victims every year in countries across the region. The last couple of decades in Latin America offer some hope on how inequality can be reduced, though it may not be enough to say that the region is set on a path that will finally make equality self-reinforcing. Some examples of social service investments include job training, supportive housing, and nutritional support — all of which have traditionally had an underestimated focus of attention. If I am to become a famous write someday, I have to leverage Social Media and market my writing and my blog. With this perspective in mind, we will now discuss how these challenges are playing out in Latin America. Missy Cummings, Professor, Humans and Autonomy Lab, Duke University I think one of the most important challenges faced by robotic systems of the future, which include driverless cars, drones, surgical and manufacturing robots, is how will we be able to certify these systems as safe, particularly those that embed artificial intelligence? Its a series of ups and downs. Solutions should be structural as well as grass roots. On January 3, , China landed a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon , being the first to do so. I think we have to work on that.

All of these places are becoming organised.

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The Man's Role in Society and Family: the Crucial Change of the 21st Century